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At Doctoori, our mission is to make healthcare easy and accessible to everyone. We want to empower you to take charge of your health with clinically accurate and up to date health resources

What we do

Accessible health information & services to improve your health & life

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Unlimited & easy access to health information

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What Makes us Different?

Easy & unlimited access

Get unlimited access to medical information and resources backed by the NHS to help you feel better and live longer

Instant access to doctors near you (coming soon)

With Doctoori, get instant access to doctors near you. Book in-person or online appointments and review your medical records at your convenience

Reliable & fee resources

Free tips, advices and answers to your health questions to make you healthier at every stage of your life

Get a second opinion (coming soon)

Connect with doctors from all over world and compare medical advices, and get a varied view of your medical condition and treatment options!

Our Team

Brought together with the purpose of improving healthcare experience for everyone

Dr. Zain Sikafi, Chairman

Mohamedhusein Nasser, CEO

Zaheer Nasser, COO

Our Advisors

Our leadership team with diverse specialities to help us improve digital health experience around us!

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