This guide can help you understand the vaccines offered and when to have them. It also explains how they work and why they’re safe and important.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Why vaccination is safe and important
  • Advice for parents

    Your child’s appointment

  • Booking your child’s vaccination appointment
  • Vaccinations and when to have them
  • Vaccination tips for parents
  • Your child's appointment
    About vaccinations
    6-in-1 vaccine
    Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine
    MenB vaccine
    Rotavirus vaccine
    MMR vaccine
    Children's flu vaccine
    4-in-1 preschool booster
    HPV vaccine
    3-in-1 teenage booster
    MenACWY vaccine
    Pneumococcal (PPV) vaccine
    Flu vaccine
    Shingles vaccine
    BCG (TB) vaccine
    Hepatitis B vaccine
    Chickenpox vaccine